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For years I've wanted to make a Harry Potter vid series set to my favorite songs from Disney's Fantasia, exploring every aspect of Harry's world in loving detail. But first I had to wait for all the movies to come out and then when they finally did, and I gathered the music to start editing the playlist, I became overwhelmed by the prospect. So I worked on it off and on for what seems like an eternity, until last summer when I fully committed to the project again and sat down and just vidded the darn thing.

It's 23 minutes long in length, which I know is crazy long, but I'm hoping some of you might nevertheless be interested in seeing the vid series in its entirety since I created it with the idea that it would play as one piece. If, however, you don't have the time/inclination to watch it all in one go, I uploaded each vid file separately to YouTube and AO3, too, so people could also jump to a certain section if they're particularly interested in that song/subject matter.

I wanted to thank [personal profile] astolat for giving me technical assistance last year. My HP source wouldn't look half as lovely without your help. And I also wanted to doff my cap to Luminosity. I saw your Buffy/Beatles masterpiece when I attended VVC in '05 and it knocked my socks off. Scooby Road really, really inspired me and without that experience, I doubt I would've ever imagined attempting a project of this scope. (And 'this scope' only entails 8 movies as opposed to 7 seasons of Buffy and clocks in at half the time of Scooby Road, and yet I still drove myself batty and almost quit a dozen times!).

Anyway, here's the whole shebang in its entirety --

Title: Phantasia
Music: Leopold Stokowski and The Philadelphia Orchestra
Fandom: Harry Potter
Also on AO3

And then here's each individual part if you want to skip around. BTW I submitted The Tale of the Three Brothers to the VividCon 2017 Premieres vidshow and Something Wicked to the Challenge vidshow so if you want to skip down to see either, they're 9 and 10 listed below under this cut )
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When I heard Sense8 was canceled on the first of June, I was so angry and heartbroken I didn't know what to do with myself. I signed the petitions and retweeted all the #bringbackSense8 and #saveSense8 tweets I could, but I felt totally helpless. Then I realized there were still a few weeks until the deadline for VVC premiere submissions so I decided to channel all of my feels into making a vid that captured the thing I loved most about Sense8 -- the bond between the cluster-mates. At the end of June it was announced that we'd at least get a 2 hr finale, which really did make me feel better, but I'm still hoping that tomorrow's surprise announcement by Lana and the cast at Vancouver Pride will maybe reveal that we're gonna get more than that. We'll see.

Song: Wolves Without Teeth by Of Monsters and Men
Fandom: Sense8
Also on AO3

You can follow me.

Vidder's note: Please choose 1080p for best quality

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